Integrated Employment


 In this fifth session of DC Advocacy Partners, partners will begin to understand:

• What DC Councilmembers and their staff do and how DC Council Committees work
• Why employment is important for people with disabilities and for the community
• What accommodations, modifications/adaptations, and natural supports are in the workplace
• What different types of employment exist for people with disabilities including: competitive, supported, customized, internships, enclaves, and sheltered
• The vision and mission of Employment First Policy
• What federal legislation gives people with disabilities rights in the workforce

Skill Sets

Partners will begin to:

How to advocate for policy change through Councilmember representation
• How to have an effective meeting with Council staff
• How to write an advocacy letter

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Darby Hickey

Legislative Assistant/Communications for DC Councilmember David Grasso

Shawn Hilgendorf 

Legislative Counsel for DC Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie

Danielle Burs

Legislative Director for DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau

Andrew Reese

Interim Director of the Department of Disability Services (DDS)

Jennifer Kemp

Unit Chief for Youth Policy & Performance at the Employment & Training Administration for the US Department of Labor

DC Councilmember Friday Field Trip Packet

Speaker Contact Info


Session 5 Partial Resource List

Letter Writing Activity

Customized Employment Resource by ODEP

RSA Resources

NYTC Letter with Resource Recommendations

Disability and Employment Laws

CEO Sessions Sheet

WIOA Information (Part One)

WIOA Information (Part Two)

WIOA Information (Part Three)

DC Employment First State Proclamation

American Job Centers Locations

DC Youth Services

DDC 5 Year Plan Letter / Full Plan

Community Involvement

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Long-Term Project

Long Term Project Hand-in Sheet (due at the June session)