Living a Healthy Life


 In this sixth session of DC Advocacy Partners, partners will begin to understand:

  • the components of a healthy lifestyle and how this applies to individuals with developmental disabilities
  • the Affordable Care Act and how people with disabilities are impacted by it
  • Medicaid and Medicare policies nationally and in DC
  • the healthcare and wellness programs, services, and networks in DC
  • what barriers exists for people with disabilities to live a healthy lifestyle

Skill Sets

Partners will begin to: 

  • Build skills for delivering a testimony
  • Evaluate what makes for a quality testimony
  • Use a resource effectively in a testimony


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Karl Cooper

Project Associate, National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC) Project

Melinda Hasbrouck

Executive Director, Our Door Community Wellness Center

Mziwandile Masimini

Deputy Director of Recreation Services for DC Department of Parks and Recreation



Session 6 Partial Resource List

Healthy Living Activity

The CDC’s Resources on Health & Disability

Federal Health & Disability Presentation by Karl Cooper

Healthcare Transition Checklist

Healthcare Transitions Policy Brief – NCWD/Youth

Healthy Transitions Brief – ODEP

Affordable Care Act Basics

Affordable Care Act, Medicaid Eligibility, & Disability

Updated ACA Information

Dental Care Resources

Nutrition Resources

DC Community Health Resources

DC Mental Health Guide

DC Exercise

DC Medicaid Resources

DC City Council Hearings

DREDF Videos/Video not seen in class

DDC 5 Year Plan Letter / Full Plan

Community Involvement

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Long-Term Project

Long Term Project Hand-in Sheet (due at the July session)