Watch How Others Are Living a Healthy Life

You Can Do It:  Try Something New and Stay Healthy (1 min. 24 seconds)

Promoting healthy living to people with learning disabilities

Fitness with Disabilities  (5 mins)

This video shows individuals with developmental disabilities how "to get moving" and why exercise is good for your health.

Nutrition  (5 mins)

This video helps show individuals with developmental disabilities how to make good food choices.

Health Advocacy: Seniors and People with Disabilities Mobilize to Meet the Challenges of Good Nutrition   (8 mins)

Questions Are the Answer Musical PSA Video  (1 minute)

Singing doctors and nurses encourage patients to ask questions and be involved in their own health care. Classic video by AHRQ and the AdCouncil

Questions Are the Answer: Becoming Your Own Health Advocate  (7 mins)

Food Lobby goes to School   (6 minutes 30 seconds)

Who decides what our children are eating?

There is Ability in Disability  (1 min)

We’re More Alike Than Different  (2 mins 40 seconds)

People with Down syndrome make great employees, are honest and hardworking, have dreams and aspirations, and have more in common with you and I than we realize. Helping change these perceptions is the goal of the successful campaign from The National Down Syndrome Congress.

Disabled Sports Slide Show (2 mins 30 seconds)

Examples of some of the things that can be done with a disability.