Bringing It Home & Graduation

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  • Participants will understand strategies for effective involvement on boards, committees and commissions. 
  • Participants will learn about processes for getting appointed to positions and boards and commissions in the District of Columbia and in the Federal Government.
  • Participants will understand and be able to use Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Participants will report advocacy activities for long-term study of DC AP effectiveness




Jonathan Young, Chair, National Council on Disability

Rebecca Cokley, Policy Assistant to the Director of Disability, Administration on Community Living, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


What Should I Know Before Joining a Nonprofit Board?, from

Boardmanship: Inclusive and Accessible, from People First of California, Inc.

A Parent’s Guide: Serving on Boards and Committees, from NICHCY

What are the benefits of serving on a nonprofit board?

What Are the Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards?

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

Robert’s Rules of Order Quick Overview

Cheat Sheet for Robert’s Rules of Order

District of Columbia Office of Boards and Commissions Application Form and Guide

Presidential Appointments – Application


The Role of Non-Profit Boards

Robert’s Rules Are Fun (5 ½ mins)

Henry Robert’s Rules of Order (7 rules from  5.00)   8 mins

Board Training Video (9 ½ mins)

Attach File:

 DC AP – Session 9 Agenda_FINAL.pdf