Bringing It Home & Graduation


In this ninth session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will:

  • Understand strategies for effective involvement on boards, committees, and commissions.
  • Learn about processes for getting appointed to positions and boards and commissions in the District of Columbia and in the Federal Government.
  • Understand and be able to use Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Report advocacy activities for long-term study of DC Advocacy Partners’ effectiveness.


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Claudia Gordon

Advisor for the Disability Community in the White House Office of Public Engagement

Dara Baldwin

ADA Compliance Specialist, DC Office of Disability Rights


Boards & Commissions Overview and Vacancies

Boards & Commissions Activity

Boards & Commissions: An Application Guide from the DC Office of Boards and Commissions

Boardsmanship: Inclusive and Accessible by People First of California

What are the Responsibilities of Individual Board Members? from BoardSource

Q&As: What should I know before joining a nonprofit board? from BoardSource

Robert’s Rules of Order – Summary Version

Robert’s Rules of Order – Cheat Sheet