Influencing Federal and State Policy

Competencies In this sixth session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will: be able to identify critical city and federal issues and the process by which they can personally address their concerns. be able to describe how a bill becomes a law at the city and federal levels. be able to identify the best ways to advocate for … Read more

Living a Healthy Life

Competencies In this fifth session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will: know what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. improve their understanding of Medicaid and Medicare policies and advocacy. learn about the Olmstead Community Integration Plan and DC’s One Community for All. learn about healthcare and wellness systems, services, networks and advocacy in DC, including services … Read more

Integrated Employment

Competencies In this fourth session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will: Be able to describe importance of employment both for individuals themselves and for the community. Understand the vision and mission of Employment First Policy. Be able to describe types of employment: competitive, supported, customized, sheltered, enclaves, entrepreneurial, volunteer, internships, apprenticeships, and virtual. Be able … Read more

Inclusive Education

Competencies In this third session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will: Be knowledgeable about early childhood and special education. Understand parent and children’s rights and responsibilities under special education laws. Be able to describe the reasons for inclusion and quality education. Be able to outline specific strategies to achieve inclusion and quality education. Be able … Read more

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in the 21st Century and Service Coordination

COMPETENCIES Participants will increase their knowledge about the service coordination system and the services that are available in DC for individuals with disabilities and their families Participants will gain first-hand experience attending a city-wide summit, and participate in small group discussions with other attendees and presenters Participants will participate and interact with committees or groups … Read more

Disability History, Public Policy and Services

Competencies In this first session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will: Increase their knowledge of the history of people with disabilities;   Learn about the disability rights movement in America and in Washington DC; Be able to describe the history of attitudes toward people with disabilities, laws, programs, and services for people with disabilities; Be … Read more