Influencing Federal and Local Policy

Competencies & Skill Sets


In this third session of DC Advocacy Partners, participants will begin to understand:

  • How to identify critical city and federal issues and the process by which they can personally address their concerns.
  • How a bill becomes a law at the city and federal levels.
  • The best ways to advocate for policy and budget change in DC.
  • What qualifies as a developmental and/or intellectual disability.
  • What the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Act affirms.

Skill sets

Partners will begin to:

  • Prepare to give testimony.
  • Evaluate what makes for a “good testimony.”
  • Describe components of the DD Act and how they impact people with DD.


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Daniel del Pielago

Education Organizer, Empower DC

Ed Lazere

Executive Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute

Dara Baldwin

Public Policy Analyst, National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)


Influencing Policy Internet and Phone Resources

Federal Legislative Process

Local Legislative Process

Local Legislative Process Graphic

Tips for Testifying at a DC Council Hearing

Grassroots Campaigns & Advocacy Toolkit

Community Involvement

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Long-Term Project

Session 3 Long Term Project Description: Click here to download

Session 3 Long Term Project Hand-In Sheet: Click here to download